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KeenVPN 1.3

KeenVPN provides secure tunnel for you to visit internet world with more security. By launch it, you could get different countries's VPN server to connect. All your internet traffice will go through these VPN servers. You could visit the blocked sites freely without being monitored.
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 Why KeenVPN?

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of online attack. When you surf internet, your personal information and your activity could be monitored and stolen. KeenVPN provides secure tunnel to give your more protection. All your internet activity go through our VPN servers. Besides this, KeenVPN could also be used to hide your IP address. The others would think your come from other countries. 


How KeenVPN works?
 When you select a VPN server from our VPN server list(US, UK and DE), your network traffic will go to the VPN server firstly. Then the VPN server will forward it to destination sites. The VPN acts like a bridge between you and the websites. It also encrypts the traffic and make the other not know what is transferred.


Key features
1. 3-day free trial.

2. Support VPN server in United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

3. Unblock the websites like Facebook, Twitter which have been blocked by government or company.

4. Secure tunnel. Your data is encrypted by high-speed VPN server. ISP doesn't know which webistes you visit.

5. No registration. You don't need to do any registration to use the software.

6. Simple to use. Setup in minutes and connect to server by "One click".
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